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Please Welcome our latest addition to our business partners...... UTILITA ENERGY

Friday, 18 May 2018 17:22

New Business Partnership Announced...

The Football Club is very excited to announce that we have signed a two year rolling contract with one of Britain’s leading energy suppliers, Utilita Energy.

Utilita – which has major partnerships with around 20 professional football clubs across Britain including Glasgow Rangers, Leeds United, Derby County, Norwich City, Crystal Palace and Southampton -  will not only look after the club’s energy accounts but will also have an active role in helping the club to generate funds for our Community Outreach programme and Gift of use initiatives. In addition to this new and exciting opportunity Utilita have also stepped in and funded the repairs for the club's heating system with an upfront sponsorship payment.

Gary Atyes -  Club Commercial Director

"Any new business Partner that comes on board is actively encouraged to contribute and help the club with continued Community engagement. It was very refreshing that Utilita were very like minded and had the experience of working with other businesses whose focus was very much Community orientated. The upfront sponsorship payment was something that was unexpected but gratefully accepted"

Jem Maidment - Utilita, Director of Marketing and Communications

“We have been really impressed with the set up at St Neots and the club’s long term vision. It is a community club with great ambition. We’re thrilled to sign this deal and, also, to repair the Heating system at the club.”

Utilita was formed in 2003 with sole aim of giving Britain’s hard pressed households a fairer, more transparent, energy deal. It was also the first supplier in the country to install a smart meter and has doubled its customer base in just two years. It currently has 650,000 domestic customers – and over 1.1million supply points – and is now a Top 10 energy supplier and one of the main challengers to the Big Six.

In 2017 it launched its Commercial Energy arm, giving Britain’s SMEs a fairer energy deal. It currently supplies energy for a number of football clubs including Aston Villa, Dundee United and Eastleigh.


Should becoming a business partner with a community focused Football Club be of interest, please do contact our Commercial Director, GARY ATYES, on 07542 844256 or via email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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