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From the Dug Out

Tuesday, 24 March 2015 16:12


Manager David Batch talks to us and gives his in-depth thoughts on Saturday’s derby against Cambridge City, which saw Saints move into the play off zone;

'There is no denying the fact that we were extremely poor on Saturday away at Cambridge City'. 

'The players have shown magnificent ethic and application since Jan 1st in every game, sometimes against all odds with barely 11 players available. On Saturday we probably only reached a level of 3 out of 10 in a game that was horrible to watch, play in and manage. 

That said - I won't be dwelling on it too much as a performance as "we were due one", as they say. I am sure that this performance will be forgotten long before the importance of the point gained is. 

We've certainly seen progression over the last few weeks and weirdly; Saturday was also an example of that. Certainly not in terms of the quality of what was on offer, but that we could play so badly and still keep a clean sheet and gain a point in a local derby. You wouldn't normally get away with a performance like that in that sort of game. 

Interestingly, I note that most of the match reports from our league on Saturday referenced terrible matches and windy conditions as well. The difference being that most of the top 10 went on to lose and used that as an excuse whereas we didn't, so we have to be positive about that. 

In every game we have a host of stats compiled of which help us to reflect and 'see' the game through facts, not emotional rose-tinted glasses. On Saturday we actually came out slightly on top in every one of the key indicators a team needs to win games - but only marginally - hence the tightness of the game.

In recent weeks, those stats have seen us outscore opponents two and sometimes three to one, and as a result we have managed to win points AND play well. 

The players have rarely failed to deliver thus far, and I know the fans will keep behind them and appreciate that their team will not play well all the time and support them no matter what. 

My belief in the players hasn't altered, which is that if we play well teams will have to be very, very good to beat us. What I have also now learned, is that if we play poorly against some teams we are still capable of getting points - which is a good trait to have. 

Finally, what support from our fans! That was the best yet and as we get to the business end of the season they are really showing their class and positivity toward the team, something you just don't see at other grounds'. 



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