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"Why join our Scholarship Programme?" you may ask. Read on to find out exactly why

Tuesday, 10 February 2015 16:24


St Neots Town FC now has a new Academic Partner for our Scholarship Programme



     The SNLP (Longsands and Ernulf Academies) 


What Does this Mean?

We believe this is now a pretty unique opportunity for Scholars to make the very most of their footballing talent while at the same time ensure they get the very best education that is available to them as school leavers. You don’t have to be the next David Beckham to join you just need to want to do a Sports based Btec and football development programme that will give you opportunities to work within the sports industry or go onto higher education.

Btec Scholarship Programme based and Delivered at Rowley Park

The entire Btec Scholarship programmes (level 2 and Level 3 Triple) will be based and delivered at Rowley Park by highly qualified, experienced staff. These teachers have vast experience and will teach our scholars in classrooms at Rowley Park. It cannot be overstated how important it is to make the most of the education you receive.

But that’s not all

Because our academics are being delivered by SNLP we have options!

A levels or A Level Btec combinations, other none sport based Btec units and access to Maths and English resits will also be made available.

So let’s give you an example

David Smith wants to join our scholarship programme. He’s pretty switched on so opts for the Btec Triple but also wants to do an additional A level, no problem David your Btec Triple will be delivered at the football club and you will have access to A levels Via our Academic partners

Andy Jones wants to join the Scholarship Programme but is not yet ready for the demands of the Btec triple, he opts for the B TEC 2 Extended Certificate worth 3 GCSE’s and retakes his GCSE maths to gain a ‘C’. After the 1st year he is then confident to take the Btec triple and remain in education for a further 2 years within the Scholarship programme.

Next Trial Date

Our next trial date is during the February half term week. Tuesday 17th Feb at Rowley Park, 11am registration in the Reedmans Suite. Please wear suitable Astro footwear. Please see the club's facebook and website.

Our New Academic partners will be on hand to answer any questions you may have but don’t worry if you can’t make it we will be offering a one to one academic consultation evening very soon.

Our Football Development Partners

We work closely with a number of League clubs to ensure that if you have the ability you will get your chance however our main Development Partner is Stevenage Borough FC.

Playing and Development

This year two of our scholars have broken into the first team (Step 3 Southern Premier) our U21’s (Step 6 UCL Division One) and our U18’s (Thurlow Nunn Thursday Evenings) as well as college leagues teams will ensure you get the right level of football for you talent with the emphases bridging the gap between youth and Adult football a fundamental priority. All home games are played at Rowley Park. However if you wish to continue playing for your current team then that is also an option for you. All of the academic options are structured into a timetable that will run hand in hand with your football development giving you the best opportunity to make the most of your talent.

A message from  Mike Bond

Assistant Headteacher: Director of PE

St Neots Learning Partnership (Ernulf and Longsands Academies)

“The St Neots Learning Partnership (a partnership between Ernulf and Longsands Academies) are delighted to become educational providers for the football scholarship scheme based at St Neots Town Football Club. The Partnership will enable us to offer a high quality education programme that has been designed specifically to meet the needs of individual learners.  As the education provider, the SNLP offers students within the football scheme access to a significant range of courses. This flexibility and access to courses provides a unique opportunity to study appropriate subjects to achieve the very best outcomes. Alongside the academic delivery, students will receive high quality coaching from the football club to enable them to further develop their involvement within football.”


NB, If you already attend either Longsands or Ernulf you are guaranteed a place of the programme. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 07970 851511 or alternatively speak to your schools careers advisor.



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