Monday, 13 January 2014 13:10
The First in a series of "A Day In The Life" of which we will feature one of our club Volunteers in every forthcoming Matchday Magazine. A Great read and good value,   The Life of a football Club Secretary.  Those of you that know me will know that I was an assistant referee at this level for over ten years which meant refereeing at UCL level, including St. Neots Town, so I have experienced the real abuse from the rabble, not just from my recent appearances!  Having got fed up with the rain and the cold and possibly the fitness, I approached Mike Kearns about helping out on match days, initially to look after the referees, then hospitality and now secretary.  I became secretary after Peter Naylor, who had fulfilled the role for a number of years decided to retire to spend more time with his granddaughter.  When I enquired as to what the role involved I was told that there would be a few jobs on match days with the occasional piece of paper work.  Easy I thought, I can do that and during pre-season that was the case.  Once I had ensured that our entries for the FA Cup, Trophy and Youth Cup had been received and our affiliation to the county had been acknowledged it was just a matter of completing the paper work for the players that we wanted to sign.  However, once the season started it changed somewhat! As we all know we did not start that well which resulted in additional players coming in.  One particular day I signed 6 players on a Monday with the “demand” that they all be available for the game on the Tuesday.  These signings involved loan deals and transfers from other clubs which meant forms being signed by players, their former clubs secretaries and then being forwarded on to the relevant leagues, the FA and the clubs in time to be registered.  Since Gary, Zema & Nathan have come on board I now dread Thursday evenings /Friday mornings as it is always then that I get instructions from Gary to sign a certain player or to put in a seven day request so that we can talk to a player after this period.  Strangely, these players are always desperately needed for the next game which puts on extra pressure. On match days, I still like to welcome the match officials, many of whom I have worked with previously.  I then have to ensure that they receive details of the team 45 minutes before kick off and then produce the team sheets for the press box and our guests.  At half time and at the end of the game I am responsible for reporting the result and paying the match officials.  I also take it on board to look after them at the end of the game and this is a good opportunity to renew old acquaintances and discuss the talking points.  This has always been a joy even if I may not always agree with what they have done.  This is a voluntary role and so far I have always been able to fulfil these urgent requirements and I need to thank my boss, Kevin Hull of Premier Plus in fully supporting me in this respect.  Without this support I would not be able to fulfil the role.  Kevin and Premier Plus have supported local sporting teams previously with Kevin being an ex-President and the current treasurer of St. Neots Rugby club. Premier Plus are a long established Independent Financial Advisers based in St. Neots with six specialist mortgage advisers and six investment and pension specialists of which I am one.  Kevin and Premier Plus have agreed to become a business partner and will offer a free Will to any supporter, player and back room staff at the club, including the youth set up.  If this then results in Premier Plus generating any other business 10% of our initial earnings will be donated to the club and it is hoped that this will generate an additional income stream for the club to use in supporting the whole structure, not just the first team.                 Gary Wilson DipPFS      Independent Financial Advisor                 Premier Plus Ltd   Independent Financial Advisors      Telephone 01480 477774           Fax 01480 477444   Fenice Court, Phoenix Park, Eaton Socon, St Neots, Cambridgeshire PE19  Family Protection   Mortgages   Pension Planning  Savings & Investments  Premier Plus Ltd are Independent Financial Advisers.        To take advantage of this offer please either let me know or contact Premier Plus on 01480 477774.  
Monday, 16 December 2013 20:10
  New Partnership Agreement St Neots Town FC is very excited to announce that a new link agreement has been created with the St Neots Learning Partnership that will enable us to deliver further programmes of academic study within our apprenticeship scheme. The St Neots Learning Partnership is a federation of the two secondary schools within St Neots, namely Longsands and Ernulf Academies. At present, St Neots Town FC offers a pathway to a career within sport and related industries via our apprenticeship programme. This scheme can also provide an additional route for students to progress into higher education. The new agreement with the St Neots Learning Partnership will enable us to offer an enhanced range of academic studies for our students, comprising the opportunity to study both level 2 and level 3 qualifications via the two secondary schools. In addition, the new partnership between St Neots Town FC and both secondary education providers will provide the opportunity for a wide range of people within St Neots to benefit from the outstanding facilities on offer at the football club. As well as increasing the usage of our facilities at the football club, we are also hoping that further educational opportunities could be based at the club in the future, for example learning about areas such as physiotherapy. This is the first small step towards an integrated partnership between the football club, and the secondary education providers within St Neots. This is a unique opportunity for us to put something in place that will benefit not just the schools and the football club, but the whole of St Neots.
Friday, 01 November 2013 21:45
In an attempt to kick start our once thriving Supporters’ Forum into a place where our true supporters can voice their opinions, suggestions, thoughts and views, the Club have agreed to a compromise as far as Forum users displaying their REAL names. From now on, if an individual is a Club Member, they may register and use the forum whilst displaying a User Name rather than their real name BUT must also display their membership number ( As displayed on their membership card) on their Profile. If a Club Member has previously registered and is currently displaying their REAL NAME, they are free to change their profile to a User Name as long as they display their Membership Number. For anyone who is not a Club Member, they MUST CONTINUE TO USE THEIR REAL NAME, or simply join the membership scheme to obtain a number and they can then do the above. Anyone displaying a User Name and a false Membership Number will have their account removed and blocked. All posts will be welcome and everyone has the right of reply and of course, the Club and it’s Officials have the right to reply to any inaccurate or unfounded statements. We look forward to this being a place of happy banter and constructive conversation for all our true supporters.
Friday, 01 November 2013 17:55
Full Time Board Level Director St Neots Town FC Ltd The club is very excited to announce that Iain Parr has accepted the Full time position of Board Level Director with immediate effect. “It has been abundantly clear to all associated with the club the impact Iain has had on putting the building blocks in place that will allow the club to continue its development and commercial growth. The difference in what was presented to me when I first became involved with the club and what we now have in place can only be described as vast. Having been privy to the efforts that have gone on behind the scenes putting into place the apprenticeship programme, the ground share with St Neots Town Saints FC, the Partnership with Norwich City FC and The Partnership with St Neots Town Youth/Saints FC and their development and grassroots squads (I could go on!) I can honestly say that it’s been quite remarkable to have achieved so much in such a short space of time. Iain becoming a Board Director of St Neots Town FC Ltd gives us both the impetus to push on and pursue every possible avenue that presents itself, that will add to both our football development strategy and our commercial income streams”. Lee Kearns
 MD St Neots Town FC “Having had open discussions with Lee over the last few months about the possibility of having a more active role on both the development and commercial side of the football club, I feel that it’s an opportunity to good for me to turn down and so I have accepted the role with great anticipation and excitement. The blue print that was discussed only eighteen months ago is still slowly coming together and as a Director of St Neots Town FC Ltd I now need to focus 100% on my new role which unfortunately will not allow me to continue as first team manager (which also requires 100% of my time and effort). My decision has been made even harder due to the current situation and a fresh input might also be required however we are all confident that whoever steps in will have the foundations in place to climb the table, as such I look forward to the rest of the season and will support the new first team manager in whatever way possible to ensure success on the pitch and of course I look forward to continuing and expanding my role with the apprenticeship program, Youth development programme and becoming much more involved with all the commercial aspects of the club. My/Our aim as always is to help ensure long term growth and stability and ultimately success on the pitch. I’d like to thank all those that have supported me over the last eighteen months and I look forward to helping take my club forward to the next level of success”. Iain Parr
 Director St Neots Town FC  
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